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Forgotten Waters: remote play

Forgotten Waters is the new Crossroads game from Plaid Hat Games.

The game supports 3-7 players but it is more fun with a higher player count. To make it possible to play the game with a larger group, Plaid Hat Games has now released the Remote Assistant:

I have been blown away by the glowing reviews and positive responses to our ambitious, narrative pirate game – and this is with a large majority of games being at low player counts, missing out on the fun of playing with a larger group. This remote assistant should have you playing with your favorite gaming friends no matter where you are, with 4-7 total players.

How does it work?
To use the remote assistant, coordinate a day and time to play with a group of friends , as well as a way to communicate during the game (Google Meet, Zoom, Discord, etc). Then, when you sit down to play, one person goes to remote.fwcrossroads.com and clicks “create game,” then shares the provided link with the rest of the group!

(Source: Publisher website)

To play the game this way, only one physical copy of the game is needed, with everything else needed available to download on the Plaid Hat Games website. Enjoy!

Link: Plaid Hat Games Announcement

Solo Mode for Abomination

Plaid Hat Games has published a solo variant for Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein, the game of monster building.

Box cover

In this solo variant developed by Jon Merkle, the Creature has kidnapped your family, and the only way to get them back is to give the Creature what he desires most – a companion. Can you save your family and build a monster before the investigators catch up to you?
In these trying times where so many of us are social distancing, we hope this variant allows you to enjoy a puzzley version of Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein without losing the flavor and theme of the original 2-4 player game.

(Source: Plaid Hat Games website)

Plaid Hat Games News

There are two interesting news regarding Plaid Hat Games: after years as part of Asmodee it is fully independent again and Forgotten Waters has been announced.

Colby Dauch, the founder of Plaid Hat Games and now the owner of the studio, has written a blog post about the process that lead to Plaid Hat Games becoming part of Asmodee and now independent again:

Jump forward to 2014. Plaid Hat was experiencing some growing pains. We were struggling to keep up with the immediate success of the Vega/Gilmour hit, Dead of Winter. That’s when the offer came from our French language partner – F2Z Entertainment. F2Z was formed when Filosofia (Canadian distributor and French language game publisher) purchased the publisher Z-Man Games, and they had their eye on their next acquisition, us. I never set out with any intention to sell Plaid Hat Games, but when the offer came in, I agreed to it. I had a variety of reasons for doing so, including a personal life that had its share of turmoil, and the offer was opportune. The fact that I would continue to manage the studio and bring my entire team with me, made it feel like a no-brainer.


A year later in 2015, the French game company Asmodee acquired F2Z Entertainment and with them, Plaid Hat Games. Plaid Hat, and its staff, remained intact through another major transition. In 2018 Asmodee was acquired by European private equity firm PAI Partners. There are a lot of nice things I could say about our time at Asmodee, but I also want to respect the confidentiality of their internal operations. Suffice to say we learned a lot during our time at Asmodee, met some great, supportive folks, and, after being acquired twice, in February of 2020 I finalized a deal that makes Plaid Hat Games an independent studio under my ownership again.
While I’m very excited about this, it doesn’t come without a share of grief.  Some of our most popular titles are off to other Asmodee studios, who I think will do great work with them, but it means our revenue is no longer at a place that it could continue to support our current staff size.

(Source: Blogpost on Plaid Hat Games website)

But despite being back to being a smaller publisher, Plaid Hat Games has still big plans and one of the first projects that will get released is Forgotten Water, the next Crossroads game.

Announcement trailer

The US release is planned for April with no news about a UK release yet.

The Aftermath in the Chocolate Factory

New games galore: another ten new games are now in stock. And that’s not all, there is more coming later this week.

Part 1 of the ten new games

But first we have a look at the new games in stock since yesterday:

Part 2 of the 10 games

Later this week we are expecting Barrage, Masters of Renaissance: Lorenzo Il Magnifico – The Card Game and the highly anticipated Wingspan: European Expansion.

Wingspan, Keep Exploring Games and other new ARrivals

The last two days have been busy with a few new deliveries arriving. Here is a quick look at what arrived yesterday and today:

Wingspan with the Swift Pack

Wingspan is back in stock. And the new print run now includes the Swift Pack (10 new birds and guides for new players).

Two new games from Keep Exploring Games

From the Netherlands we received two new Essen releases from Keep Exploring Games:

More new games

And today we have seen the arrival/release of the following games:

Next week’s new releases confirmed

The new releases for next week have been confirmed and there are quite a few interesting games on the list.

Expected to be available from Tuesday are:

On Friday two more games will get released:

How to Play-video for Aftermath

Plaid Hat Games has released a How to Play-video for their new and highly anticipated adventure book game Aftermath.

Aftermath is an Adventure Book Game in which players take on the role of small critters struggling to survive and thrive in a big, dangerous world. Humans have mysteriously vanished, and the remnants of civilization are quickly being reclaimed by nature and the animals who still remain.

(Source: Publisher description)

The game is expected to get released in October and pre-orders are now open.

New Pre-Orders Added

We are adding new games to the shop every day. To make sure that you are not missing any highlights, here a quick summary of last weeks new additions:

Box Cover
Box Cover

Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein coming

Plaid Hat Games has announced Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein, a game based on Mary Shelly’s famous book and set 20 years after the events in the book.

Box cover

Taking place 20 years after the events in Mary Shelley’s classic novel, Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein is a game of competitive monster creation for 2-4 players. Each player takes on the role of a scientist racing to construct a viable living being to satisfy the mad obsession of their mysterious benefactor. Strategic placement of assistants across the city of Paris allows you to research scientific findings, charge your Leyden jars and scavenge the local cemeteries and morgues for materials needed to perfect your craft. Once a player succeeds in bringing their creature to life, or after twelve rounds have elapsed, the game ends and the player with the most victory points fulfills Frankenstein’s dark legacy, for good or ill…

(Source: Publisher website)
Game setup

The game is expected to get released at Gencon 2019 (August), which normally means a September release for the UK.