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Publisher spotlight: Quined Games

Yesterday we received our first delivery from Quined Games, a small board game publisher from the Netherlands. Here is a description of Quined Games and their well known Master Print series in their own words:

Quined Games was founded in 2005 by brothers Arno and Frank Quispel in a small town near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. We focus on medium/heavy strategic games with a touch of interaction between players and having a high production value.

In 2007 our famous Master Print series launched, which started as a celebration of the best games in the business by reprinting them. From further on into the series, also newly developed games are published into this series. All of the games have a unique box cover resembling an old hardcover sleeved book, which makes for a beautiful collection of games. Ten years after the start of the series, in 2017, we are proud to add the 20th Master Print game to the series.

I can just confirm how good looking all their games are, especially the book cover design of the box is very well done.

The two 2017 Essen releases from Quined Games have been Agra and Halloween, both games with gorgeous components and art design. Agra has been the more popular game of the two at Essen and there is already a video review available from Man vs. Meeple:

But we have not just ordered this year’s Essen release, we also ordered Vanuatu and Papa Paolo (last year’s releases) and the European edition of Haspelknecht and the Ruhr Valley expansion (both are massively cheaper than the US editions from Capstone Games).


New pre-orders added

In the last few days, we have added a lot of new pre-orders. Here are my highlights:

All these games will be available for sale at Essen, so hopefully, we will have them in stock shortly after the end of the show.

We are adding more pre-orders every day at the moment, our backlog with interesting Essen games is still quite long. So please keep checking out our Essen section on the shop website, there is more to come 🙂