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The Romans in stock

The last ever game from the Ragnar Brothers is now in stock. The Romans is the third and last quantum game:

The Romans traces the history of the Roman Empire from its inception as a small Italian Kingdom, through its development and expansion as a Republic and thence to the full-blown Empire that dominated the classical world. Enemies mount challenges throughout the game and ultimately the barbarian invasions drive deep into the Empire with Rome itself as their target.

But this is not just a game of conquest. Senators grapple for power in the buildings of the capital and players will score victory points by developments through the game.

(Source: Publisher description)
Box Cover

New arrivals (06/06/18)

We are back from the UK Games Expo and the website is up and running again (but with low stock levels which should get back to normal in the next 1-2 weeks).

We have brought a few games back with us from the Expo (or received them while we were at the show):

But these are not all new games we’ve got. This morning the weekly delivery of new UK releases has arrived with a few new games from HABA and other interesting games:

But this is not the end: For the beginning of next week,we are expecting a restock of Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg, one of our bestsellers at the UK Games Expo and my favourite game at the moment.

And more good news: Early next week we are also receiving a small delivery of Raids, which was a pre-release from iello at the UK Games Expo and won’t be anywhere else in Europe available before August.



New releases and restocks (21/06/2016)

Today we have received this week’s new releases:


The big restock for today was Escape the Room: Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor.


We also received quite a few other games, so a couple of weeks after the UK Games Expo everything is back to normal in regards to our stock.

DRCongo is in stock

Yesterday afternoon DRCongo, the newest game from Ragnar Brothers, has arrived.

Here a short description of the game:

DRCongo explores a hopeful hypothesis that if enlightened industrialists worked to develop the economy of this mighty country, then it would escape the clutches of a crippling insurgency.

Players build industries and expand a transport network of river, rail and roads. Oil, minerals and crops are produced and if sold via the Atlantic port of Matadi, players reap rich rewards. Players develop their own cities and hydroelectricity can be sold to these.

The game is built in four game layers with layer two introducing insurgents and peacekeepers, layer three the Government, and layer four strategic interventions by other countries.


New Pre-Orders online (12/06/2015)

We have added a few new games for pre-orders to the online shop:

La Cosa Nostra Mage Knight Board Game: Shades of Tezla Expansion

Two new games available to pre-order

At last week’s UK Games Expo I’ve spotted two very interesting games:

  • DRCongo: The new game from Ragnar Brothers is based on the idea that the players try to develop the economy of the Congo to rescue it out of poverty and a crippling insurgency.
  • The Great War: This new game from PSC Games transfers the well known Command & Colors system designed by Richard Borg to the battle fields and trenches of WW1

DRCongo: Hope out of Horror The Great War

Both games are now available for pre-order. Estimated release date for both is early July.