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What is coming in this week?

Another week, another batch of new games coming in. This week is a bit quieter and so far we are only expecting four new games/expansions:

If you have pre-ordered one of this items, we will send you the payment request for your order later today so we can ship all orders as soon as the stock has arrived.

These new releases are not everything we are expecting, we will also receive a few restocks:

The restocks are expected to arrive tomorrow and can get shipped by Wednesday morning.


Hunt for the Ring and more new arrivals (23/01/18)

It has been a while since the game has been released at Essen last October, but it finally has made its way to the UK: Hunt for the Ring from Ares Games has arrived today.

Also available from today is Explorers of the North Sea, the last game of the North Sea sage. And for everyone who has played Raiders of the North Sea a lot of time and looks for new things to do we have Hall of Heroes and Fields of Fame, the first two expansions for Raiders of the North Sea. And if you own all three games of the saga and you have too much time on your hands you can try the Runesaga expansion, which combines all three games into one big campaign.

New arrivals (16/01/18)

New year, same procedure: Tuesday is new releases day.

Today we have received a total of 15 new games/expansions:

SU&SD review Flip Ships

SU&SD has posted a written review of Flip Ships, the new dexterity game from Renegade Game Studios:

Flipships is ridiculous. Jostling for a place amongst the very best dexterity games, it knows that its peers are fundamentally very silly. For all its stats and magic items, Catacombs is nail-cracking nonsense, making its players flick wooden monsters into each other like budget billiards. Flick ‘Em Up aims straight for the eight-year-old inside all of us. Cube Quest is barely contained chaos. Each is a delight.

Link: Su&SD review

Gaming Night (20/10/17)

Friday was our regular Gaming Night at the Crediton Inn. We had two tables playing games all evening.

The procedures started with Flip Ships and Tribes: Early Civilizations.

Both games were quite popular: Flip Ships caused lots of laughter, Tribes surprised by being a quite accessible game which plays under 45 minutes, but still, gives this taste of starting your own civilization.

Next was Queendomino which in almost every aspect is the superior game compared to Kingdomino because of the added elements of buildings, knights and tower allow more ways to play and win the game. Kingdomino has still the positives of being easy to learn and fast to play, perfect to play it with non-gamers and the lower price which in my opinion makes it one of the bargains of the last year.

The last game of the evening for me was Downforce which was a surprise for me: It’s basically Camel Up with Formula 1 cars. Main differences are an auction at the beginning to put your team together and movement of all the cars in the race based on cards you draw before the start of the auction. Winner of the game is the team that has earned the most money by a) getting their car(s) in the points and b) placing winning bets on the Top 3 cars. The game includes two race tracks and plays quick enough to play both tracks under 2 hours.

Link: Meeples’ Corner events on Facebook

New games in stock (20/10/17)

This week was very busy at Meeples’ Corner HQ: We have received a total of 15 new games.

We have also received restock of Flip Ships and Downforce, both highly recommended games.

Pre-orders of the new games and restocks have all been shipped now and should arrive shortly.

Devon Dice: Downforce review and Flip Ships unboxing

Devon Dice has posted a new review:

Downforce has been on my radar for months after seeing a couple of reviews hit Youtube, and I have anticipated its UK release since. I was half expecting to have to wait until Essen, but it was released a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t wait to snatch it out of Christoph’s hands. So, has it lived up to my expectations like a long drawn out British Grand Prix race buildup event and excited me enough that I’m gliding over the finish-line Hamilton style? Or did it stop and fizzle out because it looked good on the outside and rubbish inside, a lot like a Mclaren car!

And Joel also posted a quick Unboxing video of Flipships, the latest release from Renegade Game Studios.