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The Fox in the Forest Duet

The Fox in the Forest is a highly regards two-player trick-tacking game. Today the sequel The Fox in the Forest Duet has been released.

In the innovative, two-player co-operative trick-taking game The Fox in the Forest Duet, players team up, helping each other move through the forest.
Work together to play tricks and move through the forest. Use the special abilities of the characters to exchange cards with each other, to let your teammate follow with any card, and more. Win as a team by collecting all the gems, but be careful to stay on the path and not get lost in the forest!

(Source: Publisher description)

New Arrivals (03/07/19)

Nine new games/expansion have arrived so far this week.

Here is a closer look at all of them:

New games and expansions

As you can see on the photo Gloom of Kilforth is finally back in stock, just in time for the release of the first expansion.

Box cover

And tomorrow is the release day for Ticket to Ride: London, the first T2R game with buses.

Attention: Incoming Games

We are at the end of June and the new games are still coming in thick and fast. This week sees five main releases and one big restock.

The new releases arriving today/tomorrow are:

Box Cover
Box Cover

And we are also expecting Underwater Cities back in stock (new print run with better component quality / for owners of the first print run we will get an upgrade pack).

Makers of Clank announce Eternal

Renegade Game Studios and Direwolf, the publishers behind Clank, have announced Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne.

From the makers of the award-winning Clank! A Deck-Building AdventureEternal: Chronicles of the Thronecombines deck-building games and strategy card battlers into an intense strategic experience. Summon powerful allies to attack your opponents, or build an unbreakable defense. Will you exhibit patience and seek the power of the Eternal Throne, or forgo such a risky path? The decisions are yours in Eternal: Chronicles of the Throne!

(Source: Publisher description)

The game is based on the successful online card game Eternal, that Direwolf is running for some time now. But compared to the online game it sounds like it is more a deck building game that a competitive 2-player-card game.

The estimated release date for the game is August and it is available for pre-order from today.

Link: Tabletop News

reykholt arriving next week

Good news: Reykholt, the latest game from Uwe Rosenberg, has finally arrived in the UK and will get released next Tuesday.

Reykholt cover

As always we will process all pre-orders on Monday afternoon to make sure that we can ship the pre-orders as fast as possible.

If you are not sure about the game yet, here is a review of the game by Gaming Rules!

Raiders of the North Sea app coming soon

Renegade Game Studios have announced the digital version of the popular board game Raiders of the North Sea:

Renegade Game Studios™, Dire Wolf Digital, and Garphill Games are excited to announce the digital version of the widely-acclaimed worker placement game Raiders of the North Sea!

The Raiders of the North Sea mobile app will be available for iOS and Android phones and tablets in Q1 2019.

The app will get released sometime in Q1 of 2019 for Android and iOS. It will support 1-4 players with solo play, pass-and-play, and online multiplayer.

Link: Announcement