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Delivery from Germany has arrived

Our big delivery from Germany has arrived including a few interesting restocks (Orleans, Hero Dice, Unusual Suspects, Tobago) and four new games:

  • Imhotep (English rules are available on BGG)
  • Dream Island (German and English rules included)
  • Cacao: Chocolatl (Erste Erweiterung fuer Cacao, English rules included)
  • Potion Explosion (German Edition / no text on components, English rules available online)


Next week’s new games (01/04/2016)

Next week we are expecting quite a few new games.

For Tuesday we are expecting:


For the end of the week we are expecting a delivery from Germany:


Essen Preview: German Publishers

I’ve added more games to our Essen Preview. This time the new releases are from German publishers. Some of the games are the German editions, but all of them are with language independent components, so all that’s needed to play them, are the rules translations.

The games are:



Spring Gaming Day Preview: Vienna

I’ve started preparing some of the games for our Spring Gaming Day on Saturday. The first game was Vienna, the new dice rolling/placement game from Schmidt Spiele.


The players are gentlemen coming to Vienna to seek influence and money. To do this they take a coach to travel the city. Each player rolls his dice and places them on the different stops of the coach to collect victory points, money, influential patrons and special cards. Only one player can place his dice on each stop. And because the player travel with a coach going back on the map isn’t very easy. After all the dice have been placed, every stop gets resolved and the players collect their money, cards and victory points. The first player to score 25 points wins the game.


It’s a fairly simple game, not as near as complex as Alien Frontiers. But it still offers interesting choices on each turn. Vienna is for 3-5 players and plays in 20 minutes.  Explaining the rules (and understanding them) is quick and easy. All this makes the game a really good family game or a good game to start a gaming night.


Three new arrivals (30/03/2015)

Another delivery from Germany has arrived. Three new releases are now in stock and ready to be shipped:

  • Stratego Waterloo (special edition of Stratego with new rules, good entry level Waterloo game)
  • Vienna (a new dice placement game like Kingsburg from Schmidt Spiele)
  • Yōkaï no mori (beginner and child-friendly edition of a traditional Japanese game)


In addition to the new releases we have also received restocks of Orleans, Wir sind das Volk! and Mammuz.

April Pre-Orders

For the next couple of week we have some interesting new releases lined up (all available to pre-order):

ViennaYōkaï no mori

Fief: France 1429 Time of Soccer

Just a short reminder regarding the payment for pre-orders: Please choose the “Pre-Order/Restock” payment option, we will contact you for the payment once your order is ready to be shipped.