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Restocks and more restocks

Today it isn’t about new releases, today is all about restocks.

The Marvel: Champions core set and all four expansion packs are back in stock.

And more restocks:

New Pre-oRDers Added (17/09/19)

I was a bit behind in regards to adding new pre-orders to the website, but I’ve started to catch up. Today I’ve added 8 new games to our pre-order section.

Box Cover

Available to pre-order are:

Box Cover

Sierra Madre Games: Three new games arrive next week

Every year Sierra Madre Games presents new games at the Essen board game show. Last year Phil Eklund brought three new games to the show:

Normally we would get the new games shortly after the end of the show. Not this year: for different reasons (and some of them worse than the usual production delays/problems) the games have been delayed month after month.

But finally, we have good news: Our supplier has received his stock and is busy at the moment getting all the pre-orders sorted and prepare them for shipment. If everything goes as planned and our order gets shipped on Monday, we should receive the new games by the end of next week.

To make sure that we can ship all our pre-orders as fast as possible once the stock has arrived we will send our the payment requests for unpaid pre-orders on Monday afternoon.

And a very big thank you to all our customers who placed a pre-order with us and staid patience all those weeks when we could only tell you that the games are delayed again.

Update for Sierra Madre Games releases

Bios: Genesis 2nd Edition, Bios: Megafauna 2nd Edition and John Company are the three new games Sierra Madre Games had presented at the Essen board game show in October. In the last few years, this meant that the games were available to us straight after the end of the show, but not so this time: We are still waiting for the games to arrive.

Now Phil Eklund, the owner of Sierra Madre Games, has now posted an explanation for the long delay on BGG:

Many apologies on the delays in deliveries of the 2017 games: Bios:Genesis 2, Bios:Megafauna 2, John Company, and the Genesis Upgrade. About two months delay was due to misprinted cards (from an issue that was not in the proofs). Another 2 month delay was due to the fulfilment center (ShipNaked) being too busy to attend to my orders.

This is not all, the problems seem to continue and the fulfilment center has sent orders all over the place and therefore caused further delays and problems with the available stock. You can read the full explanation here.

But now to the good news: Our supplier in Germany has informed us yesterday that stock is finally on the way to them and with a bit of luck it should arrive next week. Hopefully, nothing will go wrong and we will receive our stock soon. We will post another update when our supplier has send us the confirmation of the delivery.



Top 5: November

November is behind us and it is time for another Top 5. This is the first one post-Essen and some of the top games were a surprise for me:

Top 5 Sales

  1. Altiplano
  2. Calimala
  3. Santa Maria
  4. Azul
  5. Indian Summer

Calimala and Santa Maria are the two surprise on this list. Both are really good games with very positive feedback after Essen, but not the big hits I was expecting here. But their success is also based on the fact, that they haven’t  been on general release in the UK (yet???) and we luckily managed to get stock in shortly after Essen.

And this list doesn’t include big Essen hits like Nusfjord, Charterstone and Photosynthesis, because they have been delayed and are only arriving now.

Top 5 Pre-Orders

  1. Rajas of the Ganges
  2. Clans of Caledonia
  3. John Company
  4. Bunny Kingdom
  5. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

Again, a few surprises here: Rajas went a bit under the radar at Essen (a bit like Ulm last year, so maybe it is also connected to the publisher), but it is a new Inka & Markus Brand game, which are always quite popular. No surprise with Clans of Caledonia, it was only stopped from taking spot #1 by a limited number of copies available. John Company is another surprise: Sierra Madre Games is normally known for very heavy games that are only interesting for a very small number of gamers, but this one has an interesting theme and is apparently more on the lighter side.

And again a small footnote to this Top 5: there are none of the big hitters like Azul, Nusfjord, Charterstone etc. included, because for most or all of these the pre-orders closed shortly before or after Essen based on the high demand and us wanting to make sure that every pre-order customer will get a copy.

Update for Gloomhaven and Sierra Madre Games

We have finally received an update about Gloomhaven: The game has left the factory and is now on it’s way to the UK. According to our supplier, he is expecting it to arrive at the warehouse during the first week of January, so hopefully, we will get our stock a week later.

And we talked to another supplier about the new Essen releases of Sierra Madre Games and he told us that there is no confirmed arrival date yet, but he hopes for the games to be available early December. The reason for the delay is a production problem with one of the three new games and SMG wants to make sure that this is solved before the games arrive at retailers.


New Delivery and more to come

To start off another interesting week we have received a delivery with three new games:


What else is coming this week? We are expecting a restock of Great Western Trail, the Essen hit from Pegasus Spiele.


Also expected are the deliveries of:


And finally we have just received confirmation that SeaFall, the new Legacy game, has arrived in the UK and should be in stock from Thursday on.

August Top 5

August was a surprisingly busy month, so I thought I have a look at the bestselling games to check why it was so busy.

For a better understanding of what happened and out of interest which games did well, I had a look at the Top 5 games sold and the Top 5 game pre-ordered.

Here are the Top 5 in Sales:

1. Captain Sonar
2. Sushi Go Party!
3. Scythe
4. Legendary: Civil War
5. Islebound


Captain Sonar was the surprise hit of the month: I couldn’t get the game in fast enough. At the moment the game is out of stock, but hopefully we will get a restock in soon.


Sushi Go Party! was a July release, but kept on selling very strongly all through August. I guess it is a very good game to take a long on a family holiday.


Scythe was the expected hit, only limited by the small number of copies available because of the limited UK release. The game should be back in October, when it gets officially released in Europe.

Legendary is still going strong so it was no surprise that Civil War, the newest big box expansion sold very well, especially following the release of the new Marvel movie.

And rounding up the Top 5 is Islebound, another great release from Red Raven Games that follows in the footsteps of the highly successful Above and Below.

Here are the Top 5 Pre-Orders:

1. Terraforming Mars
2. Cry Havoc
3. Last Friday
4. Bios: Genesis
5. Oceanos

terraformingmarscryhavocTerraforming Mars and Cry Havoc are topping the Hotness list on BGG.com since the end of Gencon now, so no wonder that they are the most pre-ordered games at the moment.


Last Friday is an interesting looking game from Ares Games: it is as hidden movement game in the vain of Letters from Whitechapel or Fury of Dracula. But the game has a nice twist that separates it from these games: the hiding character is actually chasing the investigators.


Bios: Genesis is another great looking game from Sierra Madre Games. Interest in them is always high, so again no surprise here.


Oceanos is another great looking game from Antoine Bauza: It’s a “game of underwater exploration with an original take on card-drafting.”