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Essen Preview goes live

Today I’ve started our early Essen preview list. In the preview we will list all the games that we will be able to get. IMPORTANT: We are going to Essen, but only has a scouting trip and to talk directly to the various publishers and distributors. We won’t bring back any games from the show, but will get them delivered to us as soon as they get available. For most of the game this will mean that they will arrive at our office sometime between the end of the show and Christmas. We will list the estimated arrival dates as exactly as possible, but as always with Essen releases there will be delays.

To kick-off the Essen preview, I’ve listed new games from Bezier Games, Argentum Verlag, Sierra Maddre Games and R&R Games:

More games will follow in the next days and weeks. If  you have any suggestions for a game you are interested in and can’t find on the list, please contact me.

News overview (17/04/2015)

Here are some interesting news from the last few days:

  • Neanderthal will be the next game from Sierra Madre Games. The game can be combined with Greenland, last year’s Essen release. LINK
  • The second expansion for Machi Koro has been anounced: Millionaire’s Row will be released in June. LINK
  • At Alan R. Moon’s Gathering of Friends quite a few publishers have shown their newest prototypes and new projects. Eric Martin has posted a round up of the most interesting ones on BGG. LINK