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Half-time report

We are in the middle of another very busy week with new games flooding in. We have finished today’s packing, so there is a bit of time for a quick look at what is new this week.

New in stock are:

  • Adrenaline: Team Play DLC
  • Command and Colors: Tricorne Expansion 1
  • Judge Dredd: Block War
  • Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr
  • Mini Rails
  • Tulip Bubble

  • Railroad Rivals – Premium Edition
  • The King’s Guild
  • Neon Gods
  • Quartermaster General: The Cold War
  • Architects of the West Kingdom
  • Trade on the Tigris

Tomorrow will see the release of Keyforge and The River and we are expecting another delivery from Germany for Friday, but it isn’t 100% sure yet.

Last week of new games for 2017

Next week is the last chance for new releases to arrive. A few games have made the cut and are expecting to arrive on Tuesday/Wednesday (just in time to get them shipped before Christmas):

  • Bunny Kingdom
  • Dragonsgate College
  • Exodus Fleet
  • Flamme Rouge: Peloton (sold out)
  • Harvest
  • Kingsburg (2017 Edition)
  • Majesty: For the Realm
  • Mountains of Madness
  • Photosynthesis (sold out)

Terraforming Mars: Venus Next will arrive after Christmas and will be ready to get shipped when we are at the office in the new year.

This means that quite a lot of games haven’t made the pre-Christmas cut and are now expected to arrive in January. Once the dust has settled and business is back to normal early January I will hopefully be able to chase some updates for most of them to get a better picture when to expect them.

I can only apologise to everyone who was hoping to play a new shiny game during the Christmas break and is now disappointed.

This week at Meeples’ Corner

Here is a quick summary of what is happening game-wise at Meeples’ Corner this week:

We have already received five new games so far. In stock are:

And we are awaiting two more new releases:

There also have been a lot of restocks. Back in stock are:


New arrivals (05/04/2016)

Today we received some large boxes with lots of new games.

Available from today are:



Next week’s new games (01/04/2016)

Next week we are expecting quite a few new games.

For Tuesday we are expecting:


For the end of the week we are expecting a delivery from Germany:


Lots of shiny new games (25/08/2015)

Today we received a big treasure chest full of shiny new games.


Without further ado, here is the list of new games that have arrived: