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Six new releases and more Star Realms

A busy week continued today:  a big delivery arrived including six new games/expansions and more goodies for fans of Star Realms.

New in stock are:

And a whole lot of new stuff for Star Realms:

Last week’s new arrivals

We came back on Tuesday from our Summer Break to find a lot of boxes with new releases stacked up on our stock room. After getting all the pre-orders sorted and shipped, we have finally time to let you know what the new games in stock are:

New releases for first week of summer break

The new releases for next week have been confirmed. The following games will get released in the UK:

Because of our summer break, these games will get shipped on Tuesday (7th August) or Wednesday (8th August) when we are back.

Seven new games/expansions in stock

A bit later than usual the delivery of this week’s new releases has arrived.

Available from today are:

Tomorrow three more games/expansions will release:

And on Friday Kung Fu Zoo, the new dexterity dice game from Wizkids will become available.

We are back

Our Easter Break is over, yesterday was our first day back at the office. All the new orders that came in during our break have been processed and shipped and all deliveries have been unpacked and the stock added to the website.

Two games that are finally available again are: 

New arrivals are:

But that’s not all, for later this week we are expecting even more new games:

That’s all for today, we are back tomorrow with updates about the Azul First Player Token and our Gaming Day on Saturday.




What’s happening this week (10/02/2015)

For the rest of the week we are expecting some exciting restocks and new arrivals.

  1. Restocks: For tomorrow we are expecting Sheriff of Nottingham, and Dead of Winter (already sold out to pre-orders). And on Thursday or Friday Orleans should be back (and also the Orleans promo postcard) together with Sushi Go.
  2. New arrivals: Tomorrow we will get Homeland, Super Motherload and the Star Realms: Crisis expansion packs. But that is not all: the English edition of Hexemonia, First to Fight (game about the Polish armed forces during WW2), Student Bodies (High School zombie survival game), Villainous Vikings and Sign of the Pagan (both Victory Point Games) should be all here before the end of the week.

Cover Hexemonia

Victory Point Games in stock

Victory Point Games has finally a distributor in the UK, so today we have received our first delivery. For a start we have only ordered a small selection of the available games, so if you are looking for something specific we don’t have in stock at the moment, please let us.

Here are the games we have at the moment: