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Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition

Wizkids has announced a Monumental Edition of Clash of Cultures, the classic civ-style game formerly published by Z-Man.

Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition marks the return of the classic Euro-style exploration game with new updates. This massive edition includes the base game as well as highly coveted Civilizations and Aztecs expansions, and comes with the seven Wonders as fully sculpted miniatures. It also features all new cover art, new sculpts for the minis, and improved graphic design.
The game box includes over 300 re-sculpted buildings, units, and ships, 7 uniquely sculpted Wonders,a turn tracker, 150+ cards, 4 player boards, 4 player aids, 8+ dice, 200+ cubes, hundreds of tokens, and rules for the base game and expansions.

(Source: ICv2 News)

The release of the Monumental Edition is planned for November/December 2020. Once we know more about the UK release we will start taking pre-orders.

Buried under new Games

We have been a bit quiet in the last couple of days, but we had a reason for it: we have been buried under a flood of new games. So far we have received 16 new games/expansions with the two biggest hits (Marvel Champions and Tapestry / both Friday) still coming.

Here a quick look at what we have got so far:

They barely fit all on one photo…

If you had a pre-order in place for any of these or for Marvel Champions or Tapestry and haven’t received your payment request yet: please check your spam folder.

Top 5 April

Another month has gone, time to take a look at the Top 5 of April 2019.

Box cover

Top 5 Sales:

1) The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth
2) The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches
3) Chronicles of Crime: Noir
4) Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (Premium Edition)
5) Armageddon War

Box cover

Top 5 Pre-orders

1) Bunny Kingdom: In the Sky
2) Tiny Towns
3) Euphoria: Ignorance is Bliss
4) Museum
5) KeyForge: Age of Ascension – Starter Set

Week 14 releases available

This week’s list of new releases is a bit short, but there are still some really interesting new games available from today:

Week 14 releases

We are also expecting more stock of the normal edition of Waterdeep (it sold out to pre-orders) and later in the week we will get Big Monster and Direwild.

With the same delivery as the new releases we received a restock of
Gizmos and Western Legends.

New Arrivals (19/03/19)

Tuesday is new releases day and today was no different. We have received 14 new games/expansions:

Week 12 releases
  • Aeon’s End: Buried Secrets
  • Aeon’s End Legacy: Reset Pack
  • Deckscape – Behind the Curtain
  • Bushido
  • Bushido: Rising Rage
  • Helios Expanse
  • Senators
  • Herbaceous Sprouts
  • Gen7: Breaking Point
  • Dice Throne Season Two – Box 3: Cursed Pirate vs. Artificer
  • Captain Marvel: Secret Skrulls
  • Chiyo’s Secret
  • The Expanse: Doors and Corners
  • Miaui

You can find all new releases from March here.

Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition delayed

The Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition was expected to get released before Christmas.

But there have been production issues and it looks like the game has been delayed and pushed back to the start of 2019:

Yes it has been delayed and that is because we were not satisfied with certain components. We do apologize but we want this to be a good project.

Plus when one envisions what the game will look like you see things that can be improved upon after actually seeing a sample – and that is what we did. Making sure the trays work. Making sure the components are the best quality that is affordable, etc.

Link: Wizkids post on BGG

Betrayal Legacy coming in November

Wizkids Games has announced the release of Betrayal Legacy for November.

As announced last year, Betrayal Legacy was developed by Rob Daviau (see “‘Betrayal Legacy’ by Rob Daviau”) and it is built on the same themes and mechanics as the original game. In this version, the actions of the players during each game leaves a permanent mark on the infamous “House,” ultimately resulting in a unique re-playable version of the game at the end of the campaign. The storyline of the legacy campaign reveals the history of the house, told over a series of generations, that tells how it became a focus for the unnatural and supernatural forces that haunt it.

Link: ICv2 News