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We are back in action

2018 is here – a (late) Happy New Year to everyone!

We are back in action and the first two days last week have already been quite busy. On Friday we received the first new games of the year:

And the good stuff keeps on coming: for this week we are finally expecting the release of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle and The Monster Box of Monsters, the first expansion. Also expected to arrive is the reprint of Altiplano and Tybor the Builder, the new Mayfair Games card game set in the world of Longsdale.

And to look a bit further ahead: We’ve just added the pre-orders for Dark Souls – The Card Game and Alien Artifacts: Discovery (first expansion pack for Alien Artifacts) to the website. Both games/expansions are expected to be available sometime in March.

New Pre-Orders online

Our Essen preview list is growing and already includes 47 games. More will follow in the next few days and in the weeks after the show, but this year it is quite hard to get useful details about the new releases before the show.

Kilt Castle (Zoch)
Kilt Castle (Zoch)

But here are the games I’ve added in the last few days:

Ulm (Huch)
Ulm (Huch)

The complete list of all available pre-orders of new Essen releases is here.

6 new Children’s Games in stock

Board and card games are a perfect entertainment for the whole family. I try to play a lot of board game with my son: it’s great fun for me to see how he learns different games and enjoys them and he can practice everything he learns in school (reading, counting etc.) while he plays games.

Today we have received 6 new children’t games that are all suited to be played with boys and girls that have started primary school.


The games are:

All six are from German publishers, but all of them are German/English editions.