The one about Lookout Games

I just wanted to post about the new releases Lookout Games has planned for 2018 when I read that (like too many other publishers), they have been bought by Asmodee. To be more precise: Asmodee has bought Mayfair Games and with it Lookout Games:

Mayfair Games Inc., a long-standing game publisher based out of Skokie, Illinois, is withdrawing from games publishing and have entered into an agreement with Asmodee to assume all their current IP. “Mayfair Games has a 36-year history for publishing great games,” said Larry Roznai, President of Mayfair Games. “In Asmodee we have found a partner who will provide a platform for the continuation of our best games.”

And more:

Asmodee Group, a leading international games publisher and distributor, is pleased to announce today the acquisition of German based board and card game publisher Lookout GmbH.

Founded in 2000 by Hanno Girke, Lookout GmbH are well known for series such as the cult classic Agricola, a Euro style board game created by the celebrated designer Uwe Rosenberg, which launched in 2007 and Caverna, an update and new take on the former, that went on to garner critical acclaim.

(Source: BGG News)

What does this mean for retailers and customers: distribution of English editions of Lookout Games will be concentrated on distributors that are part of the Asmodee family which means less choice for us retailers and more dependency on a few selected suppliers but hopefully also a better availability of the English editions which at the moment are quite hard to get in the UK.

But it should also mean that with the backing of Asmodee Lookout should be able to keep publishing great games and hopefully more of them.

Five new titles for 2018 have already been announced at the Nuremberg Toy Fair:

  • Patchwork Express
  • Second Isle of Skye expansion
  • Little Songbird
  • Neom
  • Caverna: Lost Peoples

More details and short videos for each of these titles are available on BGG News.