Top 5 January

Here is the first Top 5 of 2018. After a crazy Chrismas period, we were expecting a quieter start to the new year. But January was very busy and if the games arriving this month are any indication for the coming month we are in for a great year.

Here is a look at what was happening in January:

Top 5 Sales:
1) Photosynthesis
2) Flamme Rouge: Peloton
3) Sushi Go Party!
4) Legacy of Dragonholt
5) Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

Top 5 Pre-Orders:
1) Azul (Reprint April)
2) Century: Golem Edition
3) Fallout: The Board Game (Reprint April)
4) Alien Artifacts: Discovery
5) Empires of the Void II