Using Text Fairy to translate German games

On Friday we played Rise of Queensdale for the first time. The game is only available in German at the moment, which means that I usually explain the rules and help with any text on the components (in this case no text on the components, but there are a lot of cards).

Rise of Queensdale setup for the first game

It worked quite well for Queensdale, but there are some event cards during the game that are not meant for the public and only for the player who drew them. Luckily for us Joel (Devon Dice Podcast) came up with the idea to translate the card with an app from his iPhone. It worked really well, so I wasn’t needed for the cards anymore.

There were only two problems with the solution: the app Joel used was quite pricey with £8.99 per month and I don’t have an iPhone. So over the weekend, I searched the Play store for an alternative and found one: the app is called Text Fairy, is open source and free. Scanning text is possible in English and German out of the box with more languages available to download. Scanning card text or rulebook text is no problem and very fast. And once the text has been scanned the app gives the option to translate the scanned text with Google translate which also works very well and the translations are good enough to understand what you need to know for the game you are playing. I haven’t tried the app yet in live action but I will definitely give it a go the next time we play a game with German text like Quacksalber or Queensdale (being a Legacy game the next session will come soon).

Link: Installing and using Text Fairy