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Brothers Overview

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Brothers is a new game published by Ankama Board Games (Krosmaster) and designed by Christophe Boelinger (Archipelago, Earth Reborn, Dungeon Twister).

Box and components

The game is a two player tile laying game which is played over two rounds.

You and your brother are peaceful farmers… Or at least you were! Your herds are getting too big for the pasture. Outsmart your brother by placing your enclosures so he can’t correctly place his and show him that you’re the one with a head for cattle in the family.

The two different sides in the game are the Wabbits herd (straight-lined pens) and the Gobbals herd (L-shaped pens). Every player tries to build as many of his 12 pens as he can. To do this both players take turns setting up the meadow for the pens by placing one of the tiles so it shares at least one edge with another tile.

12 tile meadow done

Once the meadow has been built, players take turns placing one of their pens on the meadow. When no more pens can be placed, each player counts the pens he couldn’t place and the Wabbits player gets 1 penalty point for each, the Gobbals player gets 2 penalty points for each leftover pen.

6 penalty points for the Gobbals player

After the end of the first round, the players swap the herds and start the second round with a new meadow. At the end of round 2 the penalty points get added to the ones from round 1 and the winner is the player with the lowest score wins.

And that is the game: It is quickly explained, plays in 15 minutes and also includes a 4 player variant with two teams of farmers placing pens. All in all a good filler game with nice (heavy) components which is also good to play with children because of the simple rules.