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It has been coming for a while, but today is finally the day when I have to announce that Meeples’ Corner will close at the end of June. 2023 has been a tough year and I was hoping that 2024 would be better and give me a chance to turn things around. But as it looks now, 2024 has been off to an even worse start than 2023 and I can’t see it getting better anytime soon. A lot of people have asked if I will keep running Meeples’ Corner online without the shop in Crediton, but unfortunately, a big fall in my online sales has been one of the main reasons why I have decided to close Meeples’ Corner.

Today is the start of the online Closing Down Sale with all the remaining stock discounted by 20%. To get this discount, use the code “MCCDS” during the checkout. There is a minimum spend of £20 to get this discount.

I won’t receive any new stock from my suppliers so I will have to cancel all existing pre-orders. Most of you have used the pre-order payment option and don’t need a refund. But if you have already paid for your pre-order, I will try to issue a refund on PayPal or Stripe. If that is not possible because you placed the order a while ago, I will get in touch with you to sort out the refund.

Thank you very much to all of you for your support in the last 10 years. And a special thank you for all the feedback, kind messages and people coming by to ask if I’m okay. It means a lot and has made it all a bit easier. It also shows that I’ve done something in the last 10 years that I can be proud of. Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Closing Down Sale

  1. I’m so sorry to read this. I wish that I had been a better, more consistent customer. Please take care of yourself and I hope, when the sadness is over for you, new and better opportunities make themselves known to you. You have served a rather niche audience with great courtesy and in a very efficient, productive way. Be proud of the achievement and I trust financial security can be gained for you and yours. Thank you for all you have done.

  2. I was on holiday with my family a fair few years ago (pre-vid) and came across your store which was a great delight to me (not the wife though). So it was a great shame to read about you closing, and no doubt in 6-months there will be cries from local people they have to use amazon or suchlike in the future.
    Good luck for the future.

  3. I’m sad to hear this news. As another customer has said, I wish I had also been a more consistent customer for you.

    You have served this community to the highest of levels. Geraint (my partner) and I have a personal connection to Meeples Corner. At the beginning of our relationship over 10 years ago we went to the UKExpo and met Christoph at his stall.

    A warm and friendly guy, instantly likeable, with customer service that made you feel like an individual. Our first ever game we purchased together was Lewis & Clark from Chris, and it was the beginning of our short stint of GoingHalvesOnGames.. when Geraint asked me “go halves?” for Lewis & Clark.

    We all got talking and he offered to teach us Marco Polo. Since then, we’ve been customers but a friendship has developed over the years and I’m just grateful we met.

    The last two years we have enjoyed the Devon gaming event which Christoph has organised with The Fox & Hound.

    Chris, we hope to see you at these events or others in the future. Stay in touch, I wish you all the best xx

  4. I’m really sorry to lose such a valuable, reliable and trustworthy online store. I have always found your communications excellent and you set the standards for the online community. Your site was always easy to navigate and you often had the games that I wanted as amongst the fist in the UK. I am sure that the skills you have picked up will serve you well in the future and someone will benefit from a terrific asset in their business when you join them.

    Good luck for the future, whatever that may hold.

  5. I’m sorry that a good, well run business can’t survive at the moment. I’ve always found you a great source for games delivered quickly and at fair prices. All the best for your futiure plans.

  6. Really sorry to hear this – you have been a go-to-source for me for quite a while. What is happening to prepaid orders awaiting future fulfilment?

    1. I will cancel and refund all prepaid pre-orders early next week, because I won’t receive any new stock from now on. I was planning to do it this week, but the Closing Down Sale was a lot busier than expected so I had to take care of the parcels first.
      Meeples’ Corner

  7. Sad news. It’s a lesson for us all us consumers to ‘use it or lose it’.
    Best wishes for the future.

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