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In the drawing game Loony Quest, players study challenging level cards, then try to replicate the outline to meet targets and avoid obstacles on their tracing sheets. Once finished, players place their sheets on top of the level card to see whether the drawings line up with the targets they meant to hit — or avoid.

Loony Quest

Here is the list of all the components included in the game:

  • box with victory point track
  • 21 double-sided level cards
  • 52 bonus and malus tokens
  • 5 transparent tracing sheets
  • 5 drawing boards
  • 5 dry-erase pens
  • 5 scoring markers
  • 5 player tokens
  • 30″ sand timer
  • 1 game pad with scoring track
  • Rulebook



The box inlay holds all the components nice and tidy, but also works as the victory point track for the scoring makers.



The game includes 7 worlds. Each world consists of 6 levels that are getting harder and harder like levels in a video game. The box holds the level card  as the “screen” for all the players too see.


Each player gets a drawing board, a transparent tracing sheet and a dry-erase pen. For each level the players have 30 seconds to draw/trace their path, so there is also a 30 seconds timer included.


The final components are the penalty and bonus tokens the players collect depending on the result of each level. These tokens are used to make the next level easier or harder for each player and add a slapstick element to the game.


The game is explained in a few minutes and one world can be played in 15-20 minutes. It’s a very good game to start or close a gaming evening. And because it is very easy to understand and to play it is also a perfect game to play with children. I’ve played it yesterday evening with my five year old son and he had a blast.