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Gloomhaven release

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The 2nd edition of Gloomhaven has arrived today, just in time for the big release day tomorrow.

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Payment for all pre-orders have been sorted and we will send out all pre-orders tomorrow morning.


Because interest for the game was very high and we had way more requests for a copy of the game than we could ever get in stock, there have been questions about a restock of the game. But as far as we can tell there won’t be any restock of the 2nd edition, it has already sold out at distributor level. One supplier has already started to accept pre-orders for a new print run, but there is no date yet for this 3rd print run. But if we are looking at the same timetable as with the 2nd print run, this will take between 8-10 months (planning for last print run started back in March).