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History of Pandemic Legacy

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With the release of Pandemic Legacy Season 0 getting closer, Z-Man Games is taking a look back at the history of Pandemic Legacy and what defines each of the three games.

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 components
Pandemic Legacy Season 0 components

But the thrill of overcoming a shared challenge [in the original Pandemic] is just the jumping-off point—enter Pandemic Legacy, the brainchild of Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau. In 2015 we released Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, the first cooperative Legacy game and the beginning of a beautiful collaboration that led to the trilogy as we know it today. If you’re interested in hearing them tell the story in their own words, check out this interview.

A Legacy game is a type of tabletop game designed to be played over multiple sessions, where components, rules, and gameplay mechanics will change over the course of the campaign. In essence, Pandemic Legacy takes the genre-defining co-op gameplay of Pandemic as its foundation and turns it into a full campaign of 12+ sessions, offering a unique experience for each group. This opens up all kinds of possibilities for the narrative to emerge and drive players’ choices as the game goes on.

(Source: Z-Man Games website)