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How to play Rolling Dice

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Rolling Dice is the new board game from Abacusspiele. It has been released in Germany a few weeks ago, but so far there are no details at all on the Boardgamegeek page for the game. They don’t even have the cover of the game, only a short description:

In Rolling Dice, the game box becomes a dice arena. Players try to roll their dice as dexterously as possible onto the ice floe. True to the motto “higher or further“, a dice scores good points only if it shows a high number or lies far ahead. But watch out: A dice can easily slide off the ice surface and land in the water! Rolling Dice combines dexterity with luck and a little tactics.

(Source: BGG Page)

The good news: I have played the game with my family and we really liked it. It is certainly not an award-winning game, but good fun and is explained and played in less than 30 minutes which is always good for a game you want to play with kids. I can also see this game as a warmup game to start a games night because it plays up to six and shouldn’t too long.

But this still doesn’t help you much, so I sat down today to record a How to play-video so you can see the game in action and decide for yourself if Rolling Dice could be something for you: