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Men at Work: Delayed Until June

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Men at Work, the latest game from Pretzel Games, has been released last October at the Essen board game show. Unfortunately not in the UK: the UK release date has been pushed back again and again and at the moment it is listed by the UK distributor with an unknown release date.

Men At Work Cover
Box cover

But on the BGG forum for Men at Work, I found a new release date and an explanation for the delay: the publisher is working on a reprint which is expected to become available in June.

Why the game has not been available in the UK after Essen? Here the explanation:

The original print run included English and German editions of the game. The EN editions were dedicated to Essen and the US market.

(Source: BGG forum)

The UK distributor added the game to his pre-order sheet shortly before Essen and I (as probably many others) assumed that any pre-order would be for copies available after Essen. But this never happened, because the remaining Essen copies were reserved for the US and any UK pre-orders are for the second print run (now expected in June).

I’m very sorry that I didn’t found this out early. If you would like to change your order because of another big delay with this game, please let me know.