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More Board Games confirmed to arrive before Christmas

Shop News

Following up on my blog post from Monday, I have another update regarding a few more games that have been confirmed to arrive before Christmas.

Shipped to us from European suppliers and expected to arrive within the next seven days are:

Vampire The Masquerade – Heritage cover

From UK suppliers we will get the following games:

Tawantinsuyu The Inca Empire Cover
Dune Imperium board game cover

The UK distributor also announced Dune: Imperium for next week. But so far we haven’t received our stock allocation, so I’m not sure when we will get the game and how many copies we will get. I will post an update as soon as I know more.

Hansa Teutonica Big Box board game

After all this good news, I also have some bad news: I’ve spoken to the UK distributor yesterday and at the moment they are not expecting to get the Hansa Teutonica Big Box before Christmas. Pegasus Spiele hasn’t received their stock yet and to arrive in the shops before Christmas the distributor would need to get his stock before the end of next week.