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New Board Games for the summer

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According to the Government announcement on Monday we can all look forward to a summer that will hopefully bring back normality bit by bit. This should allow for the first time in what feels like ages to play board games with our friends. So a good time to distract ourselves from the cold and rain here and now by looking ahead what board games are waiting for us in the summer to play with our friends.

Two of these games have just been announced for a release in July:

Roll Player Adventures Setup

Set in the same game world as Thunderworks’ dice drafting game Roll Player (see “Indie Hit ‘Roll Player’ Gets Expansion”), Roll Player Adventures is a cooperative fantasy adventure game in which players try to complete a series of challenges and confront monsters as they explore a storyline shaped by the players’ choices. Players can use characters they have created in Roll Player for their adventures or use the six pre-generated characters included in the box.

(Source: ICv2 News)

Roll Player Adventures has an ETA of July and is now available to pre-order together with the first expansion Nefras’s Judgement.

Year of the Moloch cover
Neuroshima Hex! – Year of the Moloch cover

Portal Games is celebrating 15 years of Neuroshima Hex 3.0 with the release of a special limited edition of the game, Neuroshima Hex 3.0 The Year of Moloch, which will release on July 8.

Neuroshima Hex 3.0 The Year of Moloch will be packaged in a large box with all-new wraparound cover art. The components inside will also feature new artwork, including a two-layer game board, HQ markers and units for four armies: Borgo, Hegemony, Moloch, and Outpost. The box also comes with an extensive FAQ for the game, reference charts for all armies, and a two-player campaign based on the rise of Moloch.

(Source: ICv2 News)

The Year of the Moloch is a limited anniversary edition of the highly regarded board game Neuroshima Hex. Only 2020 copies will be available with an ETA of July. Don’t wait too long with your pre-order!