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Next week at Meeples’ Corner (01/04/21)

Shop News

Ahead of the long Easter weekend I just wanted to give you a quick heads up about what is happening next week.

To start we are expecting to new releases:

The Galaxy’s Most Wanted Expansion will get released tomorrow and I can shop all new orders Tuesday morning. Cryo will arrive Tuesday morning, but I should be able to ship orders out on the same day.

In addition, there is also a restock of Mariposas coming, the new big box game from Elizabeth Hargrave after her success with Wingspan.

From Wednesday on the online will be closed until Friday. It is mainly to have time to work on a server upgrade/move for the website to make it hopefully a bit faster and also more easily scalable in case we need more resources in future. From Friday afternoon the website will be open for orders again, by then we also know what new games will be available the week after.

To all of you: Have a nice long weekend, enjoy Easter and don’t eat too much chocolate 🙂