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October Top 5 Sales/Pre-Orders

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As always we are looking back at last month’s Top 5 in sales and pre-orders.

We start with the Sales Top 5, which was a bit messed up because of the big sale we had at the beginning of the month. So I decided to take out all games that have been on a special offer. The result was a small card game expansion as the bestselling item of the month, followed by a children’s game that seems to be very much liked by all the big children out there.


1) Oh my Goods! – Longsdale in Revolt
2) Rhino Hero – Super Battle
3) Dream Home: 156 Sunny Street
4) Calimala
5) Clank! In! Space!


And the Top 5 Pre-Orders are lead by Meeple Circus, a game that received a massive popularity boost during Essen week. Hopefully, we will get out stock soon.


1) Meeple Circus
2) Flamme Rouge: Peloton
3) Azul
4) Concordia: Aegyptus / Creta
5) TransAtlantic