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Pandemic Legacy Season 0 details

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After teasing the new Pandemic Legacy game with a mysterious trailer on Youtube, Z-Man Games has now officially announced Pandemic: Legacy – Season 0 and posted more details about the game.

Box Cover

1962. The Cold War continues as a new threat looms on the horizon: a deadly new Soviet bioweapon, something called Project MEDUSA. You and your fellow medical graduates have been called up to the CIA for the critical mission of investigating and preventing its development. Travel the world using carefully constructed aliases to move swiftly between Allied, Neutral, and Soviet cities. Your missions will require you to eliminate Soviet operatives, acquire specific targets, and set up other CIA agents on location to execute your operations without a hitch. As you complete objectives over the course of 12 months, each success or failure will bring you closer to the truth.

(Source: Z-Man Games website)

Z-Man has also posted the rulebook for the game, which gives you a chance to take a closer look at the game before its release later this year.

Link: Pandemic Legacy – Season 0 rules