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Photosynthesis promo: Christmas tree

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With our restock of Photosynthesis, we also got the Christmas tree promo for Photosynthesis (Blue Orange Games gave them initially away at the Gencon release of the game).

So from now on, every copy of Photosynthesis will come with one Christmas tree promo. But we also managed to ask the UK distributor for more copies of the promo to supply every customer, who had received the game before Christmas, with a promo.

If you are interested in getting one of the Christmas trees, please contact us and we will add a promo to your next parcel. We apologise, but we won’t be able to send out the promos on their own.

2 thoughts on “Photosynthesis promo: Christmas tree

  1. Hi

    I received a copy of photosynthesis from you prior to Christmas’s. Please can you add the Christmas tree promo to my next order? I believe I have Dinosaur Island on preorder.


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