1880: China

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In 1880 China (designed by Helmut OhleyLeonhard “Lonny” Orgler), based on 1829 by Francis Tresham, the players become railway barons in the far east, experiencing China’s railway history in a game that was designed to represent related historical events as correctly as possible within its own game mechanisms. Being a classic 18xx game, the players compete to become the richest. In order to gain money, they buy and sell shares of China’s historical railway companies, build and expand their railway network, and let trains travel on the networks. Shares of successful companies are worth more, and owning them will increase the chance to win the game. In the end, the player with the highest wealth combined from cash and shares wins.

1880 China innovates on the 18xx model as follows:

  • Turn order for companies doesn’t change with the evolving stock prices; it is set along with the par price when a player opens a company.
  • The game includes a player-manipulated ratio of stock rounds and operation rounds. For example, a new stock round occurs when the last of a type of train is bought.

Components of the new edition:

  • 1 game board
  • 179 track tiles
  • 25 storage boards for trains, shares, stock prices, big & small companies and income table
  • 293 cards
  • 93 wooden discs
  • 2 wooden engines
  • 1 sticker sheet
  • 300 notes of game money
  • Rule book



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