5211: Azul Special Edition (German Edition)

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Next Move Games is very excited to announce that 5211 is returning to the limelight this summer with 5211 Azul Special Edition!

5211 was wildly popular with fans and critics alike with its clever push your luck, majority scoring mechanism. Now borrowing Azul’s beautiful aesthetics and tile patterns, 5211 provides a whole new perspective on this fast playing, addictive game. We strongly encourage all fans of card games or Azul will undoubtedly love 5211: Azul Special Edition!

Designed by Tsuyoshi Hashiguchi, 5211 was released at Gen Con 2019 and quickly becoming a favorite of many critics and fans alike. 5211: Azul Special Edition gives those who hadn’t tried this fun and clever game a second chance to see what they missed out on!

IMPORTANT: German edition, no text on the components. All you need is a print out of the English rules or a How to play-video.

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