Alice’s Garden (German Edition)

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Wandering through the winding paths of a magic forest Alice stumbles upon a royal garden. Poor gardeners have been rushed off their feet trying to arrange it according to the Queen’s wishes. The trees must be as far apart as possible, the rose bushes must be the most sumptuous in the whole Wonderland, and the chess pieces must have a neat path to walk on. Is it possible to achieve all that and be spared the Queen’s wrath?

In Alices Garden (designed by Ikhwan Kwon), you arrange the garden plants in the most advantageous way and help Alice and the gardeners appease the Queen and grow the best garden in Wonderland. To do this, you place tiles on your individual player boards, with the tiles being of different shapes, ‘Tetris-style, and depicting flowers, trees, etc. To win more points, you should fulfill as many requirements as possible.

The game ends after the round in which a player can’t place a tile from the supply on their player board. The player with the most points wins.

IMPORTANT: German edition from Schmidt Spiele. No text on the components, English rules are available on

Game Details
NameAlice's Garden (2020)
ComplexityLight [1.33]
BGG Rank2664 [7.18]
Player Count1-4



1 review for Alice’s Garden (German Edition)

  1. Kevin Mc Gowan (verified owner)

    This is a tile tessellation game where you are trying to score points from icons which are on “4 square” polygons (one icon per square). On a turn choose a style of polygon and draw as many tiles as there are players, each player in turn then takes one and places it on their personal board. You are trying to create groups or lines of identical icons to score points in addition the chess pieces score for being placed on path spaces whilst bonus single square tokens can be earned from a card icon whilst finally there are penalties for gaps at the games end. The game comes with 2 different player boards and 2 ways of scoring and at 2 players will play in about 25 mins. For us this was a new take on this style of game and we thoroughly enjoyed playing it, a fairly light game but with thinking and planning required, highly recommended.

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