AuZtralia: TaZmania

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In AuZtralia, humanity came to build a new world after a long war against the Old Ones. They failed. The old terrors were waiting for them and pushed them back to the coast. Now their only hope lies in a nearby small island, TaZmania. Will this be the promised land?

AuZtralia TaZmania (designed by Martin Wallace) is a dual-map expansion for AuZtralia designed specifically for 1-2 players, or (if playing with the Revenge of the Old Ones expansion) three players. One side has a fixed map that is surveyed for resources and Old Ones, while the other side is randomized through a set of 66 terrain tiles.

AuZtralia TaZmania also includes a solo campaign mode that can be played on the new TaZmanian maps or on the original maps.

Game Details
NameAuZtralia: TaZmania (2022)
ComplexityMedium [3.00]
BGG Rank0 [8.32]
Player Count1-2



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