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In Beer Empire, you become the owner of a brewery who strives for market share by skillfully matching recipe ingredients. At the same time, you aspire to brew beer that’s the best of the festival — but these two elements do not always go hand in hand.

That’s why players have to examine what the market expects from their beer, which styles are in current trend, and what festival critics like. As if that was not enough, the world in which we brew beer is alive! Shifts on the beer market change trends and critics taste. The market set-up is unique each time, so you need to manage your resources wisely and follow carefully the market and other players’ actions.

Beer Empire is mainly based on a set-collection mechanism as players compose recipes using a variety of ingredients (resource tiles) like light and dark malts, hops, fermentation type (open or closed) and type of container (bottle, can, barrel or keg). Each of these components may add different effects and influence on quality of beer.

  • Increase/decrease beer attributes (aroma, color, taste)
  • Produce more or less bottle caps (market share)
  • Add extra points

What ingredients we’d use, thereby what effects in our beer we’d get influence all game areas:

  • Market (area control), represents what consumers expect from beer. Some prefer aromatic beer, some prefer to drink from bottles, other ones favor specific style (India Pale Ale, Bock, Pilsner). Players brew beer that meets several tastes thereby achieve points from different markets at the same time!
  • Beer Festival(bidding & combo): Here matters especially aroma, color, taste. These characteristics are assessed by the critic. He assign festival points and it’s worth effort because only at the festival you can win rare brewing passion tiles!
  • Trends: In Beer Empire world there are few main beer trends (Pilsner, Bock, India Pale Ale, Lager and ALE). Brewing beer compatible to the trend gives you experience tile that opens new great possibilities for brewing!

What is most important, it is up to you and your abilities of smart resource management (tile placement & worker placement) and right recipes composing, which direction you’ll go. Would you accomplish goals in all fields or you’d focus just on chosen elements?
What we want to underline is that each of these elements influence on each other making every play one of a kind.

It seems it’s gonna be a really hard work to build your Beer Empire.

Players: 2-4

Suggested Ages: 12 and up

Language(s): English

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