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Berried Treasure (designed by Noah CohenRob DaviauJustin D. JacobsonBrian NeffSid Sackson) is a fast-paced, highly-interactive game of hungry critters grabbing as many delicious baked treats as they can. Take a card from the tableau and add it to your stash. If you take a “Moar” card, you get to grab an extra card. If your card has “grabby paws”, steal cards from another player’s stash. Different treats score different points each round with one big twist: If you tie with another player, you both end up with nothing.

Berried Treasure has been restored from the Sid Sackson classic, Buried Treasure (1992).

Game Details
NameBerried Treasure (2021)
ComplexityLight [1.00]
BGG Rank8046 [6.98]
Player Count (Recommended)2-5 (Unset)



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1 review for Berried Treasure

  1. Nick Welford (verified owner)

    Berried Treasure is a light fun ‘take that’ game. This means that if you don’t like having your cards stolen by other players or being ganged up on it might not be the game for you. However you would be missing out as Berried Treasure employs some clever ideas and quick playing meanness! The game is played over three rounds with a different type of dessert scoring the most points each round. Because this is randomly decided by a deck of scoring cards, you can try and plan ahead but it’s a risk as one of the four desserts won’t score each game. On your turn you will simply take a card from the display. This card will be added to your tableau and possibly allow you to take another card or steal 1-3 cards from another player. The player with the most of each colour at the end of a round will score points according to the scoring card – but all ties cancel each other out. This means a viable strategy is to try and create ties that benefit you. Berried Treasure won’t set the world alight, and the variety won’t last a long time if you play it over and over, but for the odd break from heavier games or a easy start to the night it’s a great option.

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