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1 review for Botanik

  1. Kevin Mc Gowan (verified owner)

    This is an interesting 2 player tile-laying game but the real skill is in how you collect tiles for your personal display. When you take a tile you must place it either on the central 4 squares of the game board on the 4 squares on your side of the board, if the latter it must match in style or colour one on the centre row and the respective space on your side must be clear otherwise you must place it anywhere on the centre row this may release to the respective player mismatched tiles, any released tiles must now be placed in your display, tiles are linked by what can best be described as a linked pipework but scoring is done on adjacent tiles. Tiles for selection are pulled from a face down deck in batches of 3 which allows for a lot of planning and gives the game its interest and depth also at times its brutality.

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