Corporate America – Gilded Edition

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The classic political satire is back! Updated with streamlined rules and jokes for the modern political climate, Corporate America is more fun, accessible, and hilarious than ever before.

You are a corporation. Not a CEO, a corporation. (They’re people too.) You will start businesses to make money. You will influence the other players. You will manipulate the American people and government. You will do what corporations do best: maximize profits.

Corporate America is a political satire board game about corporate influence over government. The game uses humor (a lot of it) to address otherwise dull and serious issues. At the same time, Corporate America is deeply strategic and extremely engaging, featuring unique negotiation and bidding mechanics.

It’s great for gamers, political junkies, people who like to laugh, or groups of all three.

Players: 3-6

Suggested Ages: 14 and up

Language(s): English

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