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Control your network of spies, gather intel, and break codes in Covert, a game of tactical dice placement, set collection, and timing set in Cold War Europe. Players race to complete high risk Missions by deploying their agents and acquiring the necessary equipment, all while keeping an eye on the needs of future missions and the advances of rival agencies.

Each round, players roll their hand of dice and in turn allocate them to different actions, like moving their Agents, acquiring Agency Cards, completing and acquiring new Missions, and more. Dice are placed on action circles that require players to place their dice numerically adjacent to dice that have already been placed, allowing for rival agencies to thwart their plans — but a good Agent always has a backup plan, and there are ways around everything that stands in your way.

Covert combines simple concepts with a depth of play that allows players the freedom to combine special abilities and card combos to complete their Missions and overcome obstacles. Utilize your assets. Make your move. Don’t let anyone stand in your way.

Components: 1 Board, 48 Agency Cards, 60 Mission Cards, 6 Character Cards, 4 Player Screens, 4 Turn Order Tokens, 4 Reroll Tokens, 12 Cipher Tokens, 40 Code Cards, 16 Special Operations Tokens, 1 Bag and in each of the 4 player colors: 5 Dice, 3 Agent Pawns + 15 Intel Cubes

Players: 2-4
Suggested Ages: 10 and up

Language(s): English

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