Dale of Merchants 3

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Dale of Merchants is a series of deck building games developed by Snowdale Design. The games are set in Daimyria, a world of animalfolks.

Dale of Merchants 3 is a stand-alone game which introduces 6 new animalfolk decks. It can be played by itself and combined with other games from the Dale of Merchants series.

Each deck is themed around different animalfolks with a different gameplay focus and mechanics. For example, Sharing Short-beaked Echidnas borrow cards from other players while Prepared Grizzled Tree-kangaroos are good at protecting their own valuables.

Game Details
NameDale of Merchants 3 (2020)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.17]
BGG Rank3366 [7.94]
Player Count2-4



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