Dawn of the Zeds (Third edition): Expansion Pack #3 – Rumors and Rails

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The third Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition Expansion Pack features two new game systems. In the first, Refugees are more helpful than ever ​as they bring ​with them Rumors about incredibl​y useful​ items ​for​ the ongoing battle​.​ ​All 16 ​Rumor chits provide heroes with special goodies or abilities ​when discovered. ​

The second game system features two trains operating ​from​ ​the town’s rail junction, providing​ heroes with new modes of transportation​ and unique strategic pieces on the chessboard at the Battle for Farmingdale​.

Important: This is an expansion, you also need the base game!

Suggested Ages: 14 and up

Language(s): English

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