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With a fun twist on card drafting, Dragondraft (designed by Benjamin Schwer / Hadara and Crown of Emara) is the perfect way to introduce some strategic drafting to your family game night.

The evening dragon shows are a definite highlight of the annual fair! Players must decide which dragons they want to perform in their shows. It’s not an easy choice. Each performer comes with its very own special skills and features. There are also some goblin helpers amongst the dragons, who can help with preparations for the show. Putting on the best dragon show needs forward planning and the right strategy. The player who has been able to attract the most spectators by the fifth evening show wins Dragondraft.

The strategic showbiz game impresses with a clever drafting mechanism and a cool game idea. Which player has a knack for organization and can recruit the most talented dragons? A themed game design and high-quality wooden figures bring the game to life – guaranteeing outstanding playing fun for the whole family!

Game Details
NameDragondraft (2020)
ComplexityMedium Light [1.50]
BGG Rank13511 [6.76]
Player Count2-4


1 review for Dragondraft

  1. Kevin Mc Gowan (verified owner)

    A good colourful game and as you would expect from HABA easy to learn rules, this is pitched at family level where it sits very nicely. The theme is that you are assembling a circus troop of friendly Dragons to score points in the evening’s performance. The aim of the game is to collect sets of cards from a grid (where they were dealt in set-up), there are 4 rows and you may only take a card from the top of a row for free, you can take other cards further down but only by taking penalty cards as well however as you are limited to taking only 9 cards in a round the penalty cards can rapidly clog your hand. Scoring is mainly from sets of Dragons (5 different types with different ways to score) and by building stands with the help of Goblin cards. The game mechanics are easy enough for younger players and there is plenty of pre-planning to be done for those who are looking for more depth.

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