Dream Runners

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Your dreams are getting weirder these days: other people and strange creatures have started to invade it! You have to quickly study your dreams and push back the nightmares creeping in. Will you be fast enough to preserve the serenity of your nights?

In the Dream Runners board game, players are presented with a common dream tile each turn. Using their individual segmented tiles, they’ll have to create a pattern where action symbols match the position of trials of the dream: banishing the nightmares away, collecting coins to purchase new segments, keys to open chests and star fragments to earn more victory points. In return, every trial that is not covered with a symbol will diminish your serenity, decreasing your final score.

But as soon as one player completes their pattern, the hourglass is turned upside-down and all other players must finish their own patterns before time runs out! And suddenly, the quiet study of the dream becomes a frantic race to assemble segments…

After eight rounds, the player with the most victory points wins.

Game Details
NameDream Runners (2020)
ComplexityMedium Light [1.83]
BGG Rank6730 [7.00]
Player Count2-4



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