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At the beginning of Explorers (Ravensburger / Phil Walker-Harding) , you and each other explorer place four landscape tiles — grasslands, bodies of water, desert or mountains — and three different scoring tiles in your game frame. Then from your starting village, you go on an exploratory tour.

The exploration cards, each of which shows two landscapes, indicates which landscapes you are allowed to cross (off). On your turn, you reveal an exploration card, chooses one of the two types of terrain, then cross off three spaces ahead of your current location. Your fellow players must then decide whether to place only two crosses on the same landscape, or choose the other landscape and tick off three crosses. All of your crosses must be orthogonally adjacent, so you need to plan well to avoid being stuck due to “bad” landscape choices.

Over four rounds, you expand your territory, receiving a special action for each checked box with an object in it. You receive points for provisions and gems, with a map you can place crosses on any type of terrain, and lost temples can be explored with keys — but whoever reaches the temple first receives the most points for it…

Explorers contains a solo version as well as additional task tiles for experienced players, with more than a million possible game combinations.

Game Details
NameExplorers (2021)
ComplexityMedium Light [1.88]
BGG Rank2537 [7.27]
Player Count1-4


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1 review for Explorers

  1. Nick Shaw

    A very nice flip & write game from Phil Walker-Harding, with some features reminiscent of his previous flip & write game, Silver & Gold.

    In Explorers, you will be exploring a 4-tile map, each tile of which is randomly chosen at game start, and each of which contains a grid of 8×8 small squares with a variety of icons; the tiles join to form a single 2×2 grid with 16×16 small squares. You can collect food and gems, find villages and horses, discover keys and scrolls, and open temples (if you have the keys). Over 4 rounds, you’ll collect and explore whatever you can. Each round has a scoring phase, and then the end of the game scores villages and temples too.

    This is a lovely, gentle, roll & write. There’s not a huge amount of player interaction – mainly it is in who explores a temple quicker, and in which terrain you get to explore based on the flipped tile each turn – but it’s a fun game of trying to optimise your choices and your exploration routes to get the most points.

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