Forbidden Lands: Crypt of the Mellified Mage

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Forbidden Lands Crypt of the Mellified Mage is a collection of four adventure sites

In this book, we have collected four adventure sites written by some of the most intriguing writers in the hobby today. While Forbidden Lands is built on a foundation of Sword & Sorcery, old school aesthetics and sandbox gaming, the tales told with the game can go in very different directions.

  • In Crypt of the Mellified Mage, Fiona Maeve Geist (writer for the space horror game Mothership) invites you to a dungeon of dripping honey, weird insectoids and the foul abomination that was once the sorcerer Pagoag.
  • David McGrogan (author of the fabulous Yoon-Suin) summons you to the magical warmth of The Firing Pit of Llao-Yutuy, where a master of his craft creates the most beautiful pottery in the world – for the right price.
  • In Temple of the Six-Limbed Lord, Zedeck Siew (creator of the brilliant A Thousand Thousand Islands) leads you to the temple of the Monkey King and drops you in the midst of a struggle for control over the titular six-limbed lord.
  • Lastly, [in The Dream-Cloud of E’lok Thir,] Adam Koebel (co-writer of Dungeon World) takes you on a dizzying tour through a mad mage’s mind. It is a dungeon filled with memories, regrets and aching pain, where the monsters are nightmares and your own worst fears becomes real.

Four visions from the Forbidden Lands, told by four masters of their craft. So strap on your backpack, light your torch head into these magical places and make them your own.

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NameCrypt of the Mellified Mage (2020)
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