Full Throttle! (German/English Edition)

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Full Throttle is a new board game from 2F Spiele

The wild moped riders are ready to race with their souped-up mopeds! Knowing that neither your courage nor your health insurance lets you take part in such a dangerous race, you and your friends instead choose the safe way to enjoy these races and start betting on the mopeds.

While the six mopeds race three times around the racetrack, trying to avoid getting stuck behind other mopeds or at the choke points, you assess the situation round by round and bet on your favorite mopeds. Who will finally win, place, or show?

In Full Throttle (designed by Friedemann Friese), no one controls the mopeds, with them racing around the track in a “self-controlled” manner. Each round, reveal racing cards and move the mopeds around the track. Then draft the racing cards to be used as your hidden bets. The undrafted cards are reused for future movement of the mopeds. Choose your bets carefully because the cards you choose will make those mopeds go slower.

After three exciting laps around the racetrack, the race ends after the first three mopeds cross the finish line. Have you collected the best set of racing cards to win Full Throttle!?

IMPORTANT: This is the German/English edition from 2F Spiele. The front cover shows the German title Frisiert!, but the the side of the box will show the English title. English rules are included.

Game Details
NameFull Throttle! (2021)
ComplexityLight [1.10]
BGG Rank6447 [6.50]
Player Count2-6


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