Glass Road (2017 Reprint)

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2017 Reprint

Glass Road leads you into the Bavarian Forest of the 18th century. With two Production wheels at your disposal, you will be tasked with the production of glass and bricks as well as managing other resources. You will need to develop your very own landscape and build upon it a variety of buildings that will grant you many benefits. At the heart of the game is your set of 15 specialists, of which you will only use 5 during each of the game’s building periods. But it is not as simple as that, for your opponents also have access to the same cards, and if one of them plays a card you’ve chosen, your options will be reduced drastically. In this game about glass making, flexibility will be your best asset to seize victory!

Components: 4 Landscape boards, 4 Production boards, 1 Building board, 40 wooden resource markers, 60 Specialist cards, 90 buildings, Beasts deck, Items, 50 Landscape tiles and more!

Players: 1-4
Suggested Ages: 12 and up

Release Date: 04/10/17

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