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Throw the egg! Grab the pepper! Being a teppanyaki chef over a hot hibachi grill sure looks entertaining — but could you be one?

In the Hibachi board game (designed by Marco Teubner), players are Japanese teppanyaki chefs who must use their hibachi grill to please hungry customers. To do this, players take turns each round throwing discs (poker chips) onto the board. Where the chips land determines which ingredients the chefs can buy or sell and which special actions they might be able to take. One at a time, the locations on the board are resolved as the chips are turned over to show their hidden values.

You must collect the correct ingredients to cook the required dishes, and if you’re the first to complete three orders from customers, you win!

Game Details
NameHibachi (2021)
ComplexityMedium Light [1.67]
BGG Rank3568 [7.05]
Player Count2-4



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