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“Jubako” boxes are nicely decorated boxes, typically made of fine woods, in which Japanese food is served, particularly on special occasions such as New Year’s. Some jubako boxes even have multiple levels in which to stack the treats.

In Jubako, 2-4 players try their hand at treat-stacking, trying to fill their own box as skillfully as possible with rice, fish, and various vegetables. The domino-style tokens each show two delicacies and must be placed carefully and stacked even more carefully.

Players: 2-4

Suggested Ages: 8 and up

Language(s): German/English

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1 review for Jubako

  1. Kevin Mc Gowan

    One of my top family games from 2020. There are 12 different patterns set out on tiles in pairs (similar to dominoes) of which you have 2 in hand, on a turn you take a tile from a face up row or from the bag and then lay one face-up on your personal-board, after each play you score for one of the faces based on the same face appearing elsewhere on your board, however the tiles can be stacked and if in stacking a tile you match both sides with the tiles directly underneath you score a bonus of 5. the game becomes a balance of scoring high value monopolies whilst also keeping a variety of faces on the same level so that you can pick up 5 point bonuses. There are also several additional scoring rules you can add into the game relating to the height of your stacks so you can have simple scoring for a family game or go for something a bit more complex. We have thoroughly enjoyed playing it at the basic level and it has been getting a regular airing since we received it in June.

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