Key to the Kingdom

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Key to the Kingdom (designed by Matthew O’MalleyBen Rosset) is a restoration of the 1990 classic game. The new version features the classic hole-in-the-board mechanism to hop through portals and explore the Demon King’s domain.

As the kingdom’s not-so-mightiest heroes — Pitiless Pixie, Knovice Knight, Unique Unicorn, Merciless Mercenary, and Gnarled Gnome — you’ll go on adventures to gather the three pieces of the magic key, then hop through a portal to defeat the Demon King once and for all.

This new version of Key to the Kingdom gives players greater control over the whims of the dice. You’ll use your collection of items to tweak your rolls. But make sure you have the right item ready when you go on an adventure to give you an easier path through. You’ll get magic items and companions along the way as well. It also adds a new endgame in which you need to face a series of mini-challenges to win the game.

Game Details
NameKey to the Kingdom (2022)
ComplexityLight [1.25]
BGG Rank7524 [6.70]
Player Count (Recommended)2-5 (3-5)


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