Khora – Rise of an Empire

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In the Khora Rise of an Empire board game, you are the ruler of a resplendent city in Ancient Greece. It’s up to you to develop it faster and better than your opponents. You can make many political choices in each round, and philosophy, legislation, culture, trade, and military will shape the future of your city. Optimize your dice rolls, collect taxes, send your army to colonize foreign lands, unlock achievements, and make sure your city will shine throughout all of Greece!

Khora is a civilization-building game, much more heavyweight than anything else in the IELLO catalogue.

Game Details
NameKhôra: Rise of an Empire (2021)
ComplexityMedium [2.73]
BGG Rank839 [7.42]
Player Count2-4


1 review for Khora – Rise of an Empire

  1. matthew turner

    I called in at the shop and purchased this with the special offer of metal coins included (pre release copy).I am very pleased with the game,the production quality is excellent,with the insert fitting all parts in perfectly and it can be stored on its side if you put the remains of the punch out boards under the inlay.
    The game is listed as in Iello’s expert range,yet i would rate this as as just above gateway game level(ie ticket to ride).The game play is quick and simple and straight forward,roll 2 dice ,use dice to do actions then next round.We only played a 2 player game and it took 45 minutes with set up and tear down included.So i would say this is a good game to introduce new gamers to mechanisms that aren,t in basic board games.
    Overall i would rate it 5/5.

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