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Kokopelli is a tactical card game from Stefan Feld and Queen Games.

Each player receives a 36 card deck, constructed from 3 each of 12 different ceremony cards (there are 16 different ceremonies in the base game).

Each player has a player board with spaces for four ceremonies. Their play area consists of the four spaces of their board, and the two nearest spaces on their left and right neighbors (for a total of 8 spaces). On a turn, they may draw a card, start a ceremony on personal player board, as long as there is not a ceremony of that type on in their play area; or play a card from their hand into any ceremony in their play area. Once started, a ceremony in your player grants a special ability until it is completed.

Ceremonies are complete after the fourth card is played to it, with the player claiming a victory point tile, and putting out a game end token if none is available. When all of the game end tokens have been put out the game ends. The player who has collected the most Victory Points is the winner.

Game Details
NameKokopelli (2021)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.00]
BGG Rank3846 [7.19]
Player Count2-4



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