Le Havre (2017 edition)

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2017 Edition

Manage a harbor, build ships and construct buildings in your bid to become the merchant with the largest fortune and the most power in Le Havre. Take control of resources, process them, sell them, and turn them into food o feed your hungry workers. Construct or buy up buildings or ships to prove that you are the master of Le Havre!

Le Havre is an economic construction strategy game designed by Uwe Rosenberg, the designer of other hit board games such as Agricola and Ora & Labora.

Includes the “Le Grand Hameau” expansion.

Components: 33 Standard Building cards, 36 Special Building cards, 20 Round/Ship cards, 11 Loan cards, 5 Game Turn/Buttery cards, 5 Round Overview cards, 48 “1 Franc” coins, 30 “5 Franc” coins, 60 cattle/meat tokens, 60 grain/bread tokens, 30 iron/steel tokens, 42 clay/brick tokens, 48 wood/charcoal tokens, 42 fish/smoked fish tokens, 30 coal/coke tokens ,30 hides/leather tokens, 7 Supply tiles, 16 Food Production tokens, 1 Starting Player marker, 3 Game boards, 5 wooden Person discs, 5 wooden Ships, 1 Rules booklet, 1 Buildings overview

Players: 1-5
Suggested Ages: 12 and up

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